ST-D5008 Three Function Diverter

Three function piano click with flow control

  • Unit for 3 outlets
  • Inlet – 20mm , Outlet – 15mm
  • Cartridge – Germany Fluehs Thermostatic
    & Volumn Cartridge, three function can be operated simultaneously

You can now connect two showers at one time – all you need is our three function diverter. Choose from a variety of shower heads, body sprays, and hand showers to create the ideal showering experience.



Furthermore, with our three function diverter, you can switch between the water flow from the shower head to the various extra fixtures individually. Both the water’s temperature and flow rate will remain constant regardless of where the diverter is placed. Here are some unique features of our three function diverter

  • If you think you don’t need any one of the outputs, simply insert a threaded brass plug into it – that’s
  • Our all-three-way diverters are durable since they are manufactured from premium
  • The item on our three-way shower diverters is also adjustable, giving you more So, a hack saw is all that’s needed to get them to the correct length.

Some of our shower packages already contain a diverter, or you can buy one separately to use with your existing tub or shower. If you really think you need to enhance your showering experience and get started right with full of energy every morning – our diverter can undoubtedly help you create the showering experience you desire.


Chrome, Matt Black, Rose Gold


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