ST- OVHS Brass Oval Hand Shower

Incorporating cutting-edge, eco-friendly technologies, our collection of brass oval hand showers expertly fuses advanced design with great efficiency. We made sure to design it so that it uses as little water as possible without sacrificing any comfort. It’s not necessary to call a plumber or use any special equipment to set up one of these showers; you can do it by just swapping out your old hand shower for the new one.

Because of the care taken during production and the cutting-edge methods used, they are of extremely high quality for use in such a demanding industry.

In addition to the standard features, Stout’s brass oval hand shower also includes the following:

  • Decade-lasting durability
  • Corrosion proof
  • Sufficient thickness



Moreover, all our products, including brass hand showers, are prepared with the supervision of specialists and advanced machinery. It does not end here. After qualifying, they proceeded through 15+ checks and various high-standard inspections.

This ensures that the hand shower is in perfect working order & of the highest possible quality.

If you’re planning a bathroom makeover or are sick of dealing with leaks, treating yourself to a bit of luxury can do wonders for your outlook on life every time you wash your hands.




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