How to maintain your premium bath fittings for long-lasting beauty and performance?

Luxury bath fittings are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also an investment in your bathroom. However, to maintain their beauty and performance over time, it's essential to take good care of them. Here are some tips on how to maintain your premium bath fittings for long-lasting beauty and performance:
  1. Regular Cleaning: One of the most important steps in maintaining your premium bath fittings is regular cleaning. Make sure to clean them weekly using a soft cloth or sponge and a mild soap solution. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they can damage the surface of the fittings. Stout Sanitaryware offers a wide range of premium bath fittings that are easy to clean and maintain.
  2. Avoid Hard Water Stains: Hard water stains are common in areas with high mineral content in the water. To avoid these stains, wipe down your fittings after each use and use a water softener to reduce the mineral content of the water. Stout Sanitaryware's premium bath fittings are designed to resist hard water stains and maintain their shine.
  3. Use Non-Abrasive Cleaners: When cleaning your premium bath fittings, use non-abrasive cleaners that are specifically designed for the type of material your fittings are made of. For example, if your fittings are made of chrome, use a chrome cleaner. Stout Sanitaryware offers a range of cleaning products that are safe for use on their premium bath fittings.
  4. Use Soft Brushes: For difficult-to-reach areas or for more thorough cleaning, use a soft-bristled brush. Avoid using hard-bristled brushes or steel wool, as they can scratch the surface of the fittings. Stout Sanitaryware's premium bath fittings are designed to be easy to clean, even in hard-to-reach areas.
  5. Don't Over-Tighten: When installing or adjusting your premium bath fittings, be careful not to over-tighten them. Over-tightening can damage the fittings and make them difficult to adjust or replace. Stout Sanitaryware's premium bath fittings are designed to be easy to install and adjust, without the risk of damage.
  6. Fix Leaks Promptly: If you notice any leaks in your premium bath fittings, it's important to fix them promptly. Leaks can cause water damage and can also damage the fittings themselves over time. Stout Sanitaryware's premium bath fittings are designed to be leak-resistant, but if you do notice any leaks, their team of experts can help you fix the problem quickly and efficiently.
In conclusion, maintaining your premium bath fittings is essential for their long-lasting beauty and performance. Regular cleaning, using non-abrasive cleaners, avoiding hard water stains, using soft brushes, not over-tightening, and fixing leaks promptly are some of the steps you can take to ensure your fittings look and perform their best for years to come. For more information on premium bath fittings, visit Stout Sanitaryware's website.
Importance of diverters

The Importance of Diverters in Your Shower System

When it comes to designing the perfect shower system for your bathroom, one important component to consider is the diverter. A diverter is a valve that controls the flow of water from the main showerhead to any additional showerheads or body sprays. Not only does a diverter add functionality and convenience to your shower, it also allows for greater water efficiency. Without a diverter, water would flow continuously from all showerheads, leading to unnecessary water waste. With a diverter, you can easily switch between different showerheads and spray patterns, ensuring that only the water you need is being used. In addition to its water-saving capabilities, a diverter also adds a touch of luxury to your shower experience. Imagine being able to switch from a relaxing rain showerhead to an invigorating body spray with just the turn of a knob. It's a small addition that can greatly impact your overall shower experience. When selecting a diverter for your shower system, it's important to choose a high-quality product that is durable and easy to use. Look for a diverter that is made of solid brass construction and has a smooth operation. It's also a good idea to match the finish of the diverter with your other bathroom fixtures for a cohesive look. In conclusion, a diverter is an essential component of any shower system. It not only adds functionality and convenience to your shower, but it also allows for greater water efficiency and a luxurious shower experience. Make sure to choose a high-quality diverter when designing your shower system to ensure that it will last for years to come. And always make sure to have a good look at the options available in the market before purchasing any products. So here we conclude importance of diverters. Contact us for any bath fittings or bath accessories.

Which is the Best Brand for Bathroom Fitting Products in India?

Bathroom fittings are a thriving industry in India. They are essential components of any bathroom that are concerned not only with the appearance of the bathroom but also with its functionality. People are growing aware of the hygiene and comfort that can be installed in a bathroom. The bathroom fitting products market is estimated to be a billion-dollar industry.

A good set of fixtures can turn an old and dingy bathroom into a modern and luxurious one. There are many sanitaryware brands in India, but only a few stand out in terms of quality and price.  


Quality products are the first thing to consider when purchasing bathroom fixtures. High-quality products are comfortable, modern, and reliable. Therefore, it is important to look for durable materials such as silicon, steel, ABS, etc. You should also ensure that the products should be easy to use and clean and have multiple features.


When it comes to class, elegance, and affordability, only a few brands can be regarded best for bathroom products. You might want the best bathroom fitting brand to provide you with “the highest quality products and services that are both innovative and beautiful at an affordable cost.” In this case, is among the most trusted brands in India. They have long been a market leader in bathroom accessories, providing a wide range of high-quality products, such as toilets, shower systems, bathtubs, faucets, and sinks, to transform your ordinary bathroom into a relaxing, comfortable haven.

Bathroom like a Spa

How can I modernize my bathroom like a spa?

A spa-like bathroom reflects your personality and can be a place to unwind after a long day. Therefore, it should be a tranquil, serene, and relaxing environment. A modern bathroom should be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. Modernizing your bathroom means that you want to make your bathroom look more elegant. However, creating a spa-like experience in your bathroom is not easy, but it’s worth it. You don't need to spend a fortune to achieve this look. First, you need to decide what type of bathroom you want to create. A bathroom can be modernized with a sleek design and minimalist elements, or it can be more traditional with a vintage vibe. Once you've decided on a style, keep the following suggestions in mind:

Begin by incorporating plants and bright bathroom designs to create a calming environment. To create a mood and help reduce stress, use a modern yet soft-toned wall color, scented diffusers, and dim lighting. Install a stylish vanity with a sink, mirror, storage, and luxurious fixtures such as a soaking tub or a large shower stall with a rain shower head or body jets to create a spa-like oasis where you can pamper yourself. Spend your money on high-quality items that will make you feel comfortable and royal when you use them. Keep Towels, robes, slippers, and toiletries.

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, there are numerous household names to choose from. As a result, you may be perplexed about where to find high-quality products at a reasonable price. It is also necessary to get the right choice when it's about the hygiene of your most intimate parts. Therefore, visit to find the right accessory for your bathroom.

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